Our Program

Developed and used for over 50 years in intensive stuttering workshops at Eastern Washington University, The Successful Stuttering Management Program (SSMP) has helped hundreds of clients gain insights to deal honestly with their stuttering disorder. . . and gain control and confidence in their daily interactions with others.  SSMP has also provided hands on experience in stuttering therapy for over 1000 student clinicians and in-service training for professional speech-Language Pathologists.

The SSMP was the creation of Dr. Dorvan Breitenfeldt, himself a stutterer.  The Program was first published in the early 1990’s with the help of  his professional partner, Delores Rusted Lorenz. The philosophy of this therapy; accepting yourself as you are as a prerequisite to change, taking responsibility for one’s self and for one’s change, and realizing that growth comes best through and with others.

Summer Workshop

An intensive SSMP workshop is offered every summer. The therapy includes both group and individual work, to meet the specific needs of each participant. A cure is not advocated in this program, but rather, the SSMP it is designed to show the stutterer how to manage their stuttering, eliminate word and situation fears, and greatly improve attitude and self image.


A refresher program is also offered every summer. Once a person has attended one of the full program intensives, they may attend a refresher course. The refresher program is designed to build and strengthen the skills needed to continue to speak freely and confidently.